Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More blocks!

I made a couple more blocks tonight, I could really see myself making a quilt out of the disappearing 9 block because it was really easy and looked complicated! The wonky log cabin block came together easily (I especially love all the pressing to one side, so neat!) but I would recommend getting a larger square ruler to make it easier.

I apologise for the photos but my camera has gone AWOL and I'm using my old one, I've asked my 3 year old a few times but no joy... it was on the dining table on Saturday morning and I haven't seen it since :( How long do I wait for it to turn up before I go and get a new one???


1 comment:

  1. I bookmarked Quilt Dads' wonky log cabin a while ago but haven't given it a go yet. Looks gorgeous. I even bought the 12.5" ruler he recommended for squaring up the blocks. It worked well with the QLD blocks. You really are doing a great job Rosalie.


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