2011 Projects

I thought I might keep a running list of things I'd like to do in 2011 and hopefully move them over to a completed projects page once they are done! This list could end up pretty long!

1. Pillowcase for Mother to match her birthday quilt
2. Quilt for Darling Son
3. Quilt for Darling Daughter
4. Table runner for Mother
5. Sandwich/Snack Bags for Little Sister
6. Make a Softie (I think a Melly and Me design!)
7. Make an Advent Calender for Christmas
8. Make a fabric caddy for Darling Son's bed to keep all his treasures in
9.Make bags for keeping toys in, like cars and puzzles!
10. Make napkins for Mother
11. Make some wine carriers for Father
12. Make eye masks for Mother, Big Sister and Little Sister and maybe even Me!
13. Nesting Zip Pouches a la Oh Fransson!
14. Make pyjamas for the children for winter
15. Personalised Christmas Placemats as seen on Moda Bake Shop
16. Winter Cape for Darling Daughter a la Little Red Riding Hood!
17. Try my hand at Mug Rugs
18. Pot Holders for Mother
19. This dress for Darling Daughter
20. This t-shirt for Darling Son
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