Thursday, February 10, 2011

My favourite sewing tool!

I have a favourite sewing tool, it's a Sewing Gague, I bought it at Spotlight a few years ago and haven't been able to find spares anywhere, it's pretty small so I tend to lose it fairly often!

I found one last month at an online sewing site and it's on it's way to me (with lots of yummy fabricy goodness) from the states. And then last week I was out and about and checked out a new (to me) fabric shop and they had then too!!! Even better one of the packets had two inside, bonus! So now I have three and another on the way!

So as Lee pointed out I didn't actually say what I use it for... I use it mainly for hemming, it's super easy to get the measurements right with this little tool, I also use it for checking stitch widths on the machine. Basically anything you would use a tape measure for but this way you don't have to count out those little black lines!



  1. Lee, I though it might be more fun for you to guess! I was half asleep last night! Will edit :)


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