Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Tuna Mornay

This is a great dish for the whole family, my kids love it, I love it and if I swap out the tuna for chicken then my husband loves it too! It's an easy dish to make once you know the rules! I don't measure anything for this dish so it might make it a bit hard to explain but it's so forgiving that you'll be fine!

My Tuna Mornay

Cook some macaroni pasta in rapidly boiled salted water till al dente while you make the sauce.

To make the roux you melt about two tablespoons of butter or margarine over medium/high heat and when it starts to bubble sprinkle in about a tablespoon or two of plain flour and start whisking! You need to keep stirring well. You want to add in just enough flour to take the shine off the butter, add a little at a time and when it's matte then you've added enough. Keep stirring for a few minutes to cook out the butter.

Now you can add your milk, again I don't measure, just add about a quarter of a cup at a time till you get the consistency you want. Take it off the heat and add some grated tasty cheese (as little or as much as you like) and season with salt and pepper. I like to add a little mild paprika too.

Now to make it more Tuna Mornay and less Mac and Cheese I add some tinned tuna and corn, add your cooked pasta and pour into a greased oven proof dish. Top with some dry breadcrumbs (I like panko) and a little more grated cheese. Bake until it's golden brown and bubbly! Serve and enjoy :-)

I hope you give it a go if it's not something you already do, making a cheese sauce like this from scratch is a great still to learn and you can change it up in any number of ways! What about some diced bacon, capsicum, peas, cooked chicken... whatever you fancy!


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  1. I still haven't met anyone who makes tuna mornay the same as my family.

    white/cheese sauce is goooooood isn't it. I can't believe i use to follow a recipe for it lol


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